Knauf industrializes environment-friendly, provides quality assurance in production, provide good services to the user and consumer provided that the standards are kept high and aims to bring the high technology that the world reached to the Turkish Construction Sector.

Doğaner Plaster entered into market in 2007 with construction plasters, have been placed within the important brands of plaster sector in a short time with the appreciation from its distributors and the plaster workers moreover it strengthened its position in the market with the production of plaster board and accessories.

Rigips is one of the Saint-Gobain brand and it is the first brand that comes to mind when you say plaster and plaster products. Rigips entered into the Turkish market in 2001 after purchasing the facility of a local plaster producer. Rigips Turkey’s production facilities are located in Ankara and it is head office is in Ankara too.

Supporting ALL and TEKNO brands of Fernas Plaster Industry Trade Inc. Group in the construction sector, it produces and releases to the market the modern high technology construction materials that are needed in every stage of construction sector such as plaster, plasterboard, PVC Karopan, section, pumice concrete primer and construction chemicals along with its experience in management, production and the market.

BoardeX, which is the revolutionary product of Dalsan’s, provides a solution in flexibility, correct application and heat transmission coefficient. With its products that are known to give the results beyond expectations, a strong firm Dalsan…

Established in 2007, Akasya Plaster Mine Production Inc. put into operation the mine sites in Aksaray province and started production in its factory located on an area of 120 decares including 15,000 m2 closed area in the ‘Aksaray Organized Industrial Site’ in 2008.






Incorporated into Ata Holding 100% in 2006, Entegre have become a pioneer of the sector in Machine Applied Liquids in the Turkish market.

It produces blocks, reinforced products and thermal insulating boards. These blocks complies with all climate zones, provide a real solution for the need of heat insulation. Place of production: The company produces 720,000 m3 per year in a high technology facility in Söke town of Aydın Province.

The company produces all the products that are used in drying, storing, mixing, packaging and sending that are used in the stages of raw material, semi-finished and finished products of the manufacturing in the facilities for the group of products in powder form such as construction chemicals, plaster and cement factories.

Providing a wide range of products to its clients with its construction chemicals under Doğakim and Selix brands, Doğaner Plaster also provides you save money with practical, economical and environment-friendly Thermolux External Thermal Insulation Systems.


Knauf Insulation takes its power in the insulation market higher by completing its structuring in Turkey, reaching all the points from the end user to the decision maker along with its understanding of the right product for the right application with its experience over 30 years in the insulation sector.

SINCE 2002

Product range includes product groups for plaster-plasterboard and all the related original galvanized sections and its accessories. Among the company’s the most significant targets, it is to provide the plaster and plasterboard products to its clients in a fast and reliable way. Therefore, the company continues to serve to all of Turkey with the slogan ‘Everything about Plaster’.




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